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4-6 Week Retention of Semi-Permanent Long Lashes – Professional Lash Glue

Laveda Lash Eyelash Extension Adhesive a medical-grade adhesive is the result of 10+ years of research and development by Master Lash Artists.

Formulated to have the longest lasting lash retention for both classic and volume lash techniques, your extensions will last the life of the natural lash when used with proper application.


LV- 1.0 Sec Fastest Drying Lash Adhesive 5ML 0.17 ounce

Humidity Range: Performs best in humidities 30-70%
Drying Time: 1 second (when used in optimal humidity range)
Consistency: Medium Viscosity
Color: Deep Carbon Black

Formaldehyde & Latex Free!

- Cyanoacrylate: used in all medical-grade adhesives, bonding agent, can be an irritant. Most who have allergic reactions are allergic to this ingredient.

- Polyamide Resin: curing agent, can be sensitizing

- Polymethyl Methacrylate: medical-grade bonding agent, can be sensitizing

- Carbon Black Pigment: colorant, can be sensitizing

 **Because these ingredients can be sensitizing and/or irritating, the ability to prevent contact with the skin during Eyelash Extension is VERY important. This is why only skilled professionals should apply Eyelash Extensions. 

Shelf Life Opened: 3 months recommended
Shelf Life Unopened: 6 months recommended
The glue life has a great shelf life with proper storage conditions. It's better to store glue according to our instructions, which will greatly prolong life.
Storing Adhesives:
Unused/Unopened eyelash glue is recommended to be placed in a cool place out of direct sunlight. If the temperature is too high, store in a special refrigerator for beauty products. (the temperature of the refrigerator is not below 3C ).
The eyelash glue should be reused at room temperature, and the container should be completely sealed after use to avoid contamination into the glue.
note: the opened/ unopened glues and opened primer could not storage together.
**For professional use only.
if contact with skin occurs or, If irritation occurs stop use immediately, if irritation persists consult a physician immediately. For external use only, keep out of reach of children.

1 Sec Fastest Drying Lash Adhesive

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