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Offering Brow Lamination!
Get that Full fluffy brow look

Want that Full Fluffy Brow look?  Well, the latest brow craze is Brow Lamination, taking the brow industry by storm.  We use a three-step process to straighten and relax the brow hairs to give that straight, fluffy and sleek appearance.  The look can sometimes mimic microblading.  Similar to a how we do lash lifts, this is a keratin lift for your brows also called a Brow Lift or Brow Perm. 

The staying power of brow lamination is long lasting and can last anywhere from 4-5 weeks and depends on the coarseness and strength of your brow hair.  The more you regularly get this service the more your brows will continue to be tamed and will last even longer between visits.

We offer Brow Lamination at our Tysons Corner Virgina, 14th St DC and Georgetown DC salon.


Brow Lamination Pricing

Brow Lamination (Includes Shape with Tweezing and Brow Tint) 60 min $100

Brow lamination (2).jpg
Brow Lamination.jpg
Brow Lamination II.jpg
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