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Artificial Lashes

Lash Lift & Tint
& Brow Lamination
Training & Certification

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Training Dates

Lash Lift & Tint

& Brow Lamination

Lash Training

Tysons Corner, VA

Private One on One Classes

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Meet Lucy

Co-Owner of Laveda Lash & Brow, Lucy is a Master PMU Brow Artist and Expert Microblading Trainer for over 6 years. Phi-Brows Certified, Permanent Cosmetic Licensed, Licensed Esthetician with hundreds of hours training and instructing classes.  Has performed hundreds of Microblading and Shading procedures with her and her team, which led her to open a 2nd DC location in Georgetown to fill the demand and her most recent 3rd location in Alexandria Virginia as a Training and Full-service Beauty School Academy.  What inspires her is enhancing the external beauty of her clients to give more self-confidence to match the inner beauty inside.  You can find her transforming brows at our Georgetown salon.  Portfolio of before and after of many happy clients on IG LavedaLash 

Looking for lash lift training near me in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area? Get your lash extension certification with one of the best in the lash business today!


 LASH LIFT & LASH TINT TRAINING Plus Brow Lamination for only $650 

*We keep our class sizes small between 2 - 8 students to provide more attention to each student.


 1 Day (6 Hour Session)

Taught by our 4x Certified Lash Artist and Certified Master Trainer Lucy!  Over the past few years has serviced over 2,000 clients while managing 2 Lash & Brow salons.  When picking a lash training near me, or a Lash Trainer in general, make sure you pick one that has the successful track record!  Our Lash Trainer, Lucy will show you the tricks and tips of the lash industry, saving you time and frustration that she had to go through when she first started out.  We have taught lash students from many states from VA, DC, MD, NJ, NY, FL and other states that have come to take this lash training. We may not be the cheapest, but when you save money on cheap lash extension training, you pay for it later.  We show our lash students how to provide lash quality to help retain clientele. 


Looking to be a certified lash tech?  Make supplemental income right away, or eventually make this a lash career for yourself making upwards of 100k or more a year with dedication!!!  

Our Lash Lift & Tint Course Includes:

  • Full Lash Lift & Tint kit

  • Bonus Brow Lamination Training

  • 1 day mastery teaching lash lifting and tinting techniques.

  • How to properly follow health codes when practicing and setting up your lash lifting business

  • How to perform proper setup and clean up before and after procedures

  • A printed manual so you can go back and review our training materials anytime in the future

  • Have live models to practice your techniques on with guidance from our master trainers

  • Full certification and license as well as a full lash lift and tint starter kit

  • How to market yourself with proven online and offline marketing techniques and how you can build your own clientele straight from our academy before you set up your own place.

  • The best part of our training program is the after-mastery support. We allow students to come back anytime for additional help. We can do this as long as you need, until you are ready to be on your own.

  • No prior experience or license required.

Bonus * Live Model included for FREE so you can practice your skills!

Beauty Salon

Laveda Lash Lift Training 

The Laveda Beauty Academy Lash Lift Training Course is a 1 day program designed to introduce you the Keratin Lash Lift method. You will be ready to make your mark in the eyelash industry by learning how to give your clients a youthful looking lift to their face and eyes though semi-permanent lash styling.

The program provides hands-on education with expert trainers and live models that includes continuing mentorship and support after you earn your certification. You will even leave with your own professional lash lift kit.

A Keratin Lash Lift is a great low maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions that lasts up to 8 weeks by perming the client’s own lashes against a silicon pad to create natural looking lift. It’s a perfect solution for those for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, or eyes that are too sensitive for lash extensions.

For more info CALL us at  Phone: (301) 969-5659 


Laveda Premium Lash Lift & Lash Tint Kit 

There's a reason why we do over 1,000 lash lifts per year at our Laveda Lash salons, more than any salon in the DC area!  This is the same kit that we use on our clients that produce great results and not the dryness and breakage you would get from other kits.

FREE with our LASH LIFT TRAINING session

But if you prefer to buy the kit and watch one our tutorial videos on YouTube, then feel free to purchase our kit with FREE Shipping.  We provide support as needed, just reach out and one of our expert techs can assist.

✔ Easy to Use Salon Kit, Professional Lash Lift Kit – Detailed Instructions Included

✔ Great Performance – Esthetician Supplies Professional

✔ Deluxe Eyelash Perm Kit with Tint Great for Salons or Home Salon use.

Purchase Online at our Beauty Store

Lash Training Class
Certified Lash Artist
Lash Certification Course
eyelash extensions training
Lash Training Class
lash training class
Eyelash Extensions Training Class


Q: Besides the training, what else is included in each course?

A: All students will receive a fully stocked Lash Kit to the value of $150 with products that you will use everyday.

Q: Do I have to pay in Advance when I register?

A:  We only require $200 to reserve your seat.  This deposit goes toward your training.  It costs for us to secure your seating, this is the reason for the non-refundable.  Upon the day of the course the rest of balance for that session must be paid.  

Q: What will I receive after completing a training course?

A: After successful completion of one our training courses students will receive a “Certificate of Completion” issued by Master Trainer Lucy Enkh.

Q: Do I need any previous experience for this training?

A: No, there are absolutely no prerequisites to attend in terms of having a background in beauty related industries as we have students enroll from all walks of life, but keep in mind if you are serious about this profession, you need to continue to practice after the training.

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