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Artificial Lashes



we've done hundreds of lash lifts & lash tints.  We literally do at least 10 lash lifts a day, so you can trust that you have the most experienced lash lifting professional at Laveda.  www.instagram/lavedalash

Lash Lift

Our expert Lash Artist will apply a keratin lift, similar to an eyelash lift perm, but with a more improved solution and process that will provide a longer appearance to your lash that could last anywhere between 4-6 weeks.  The lash lift process is extremely safe, and we apply the solution on the lashes only and we protect your skin and eyes during the lash prepping stage.  Lash Lifts are a perfect alternative to those who aren't ready or willing for lash extensions but still want some noticeable eye-popping effect.

Lash lifts or Eyelash Lifting are for all sizes of lashes, doesn't matter if you have short or long lashes.  But for extremely short lashes, lash extensions might be the best option.  Lash lifts give the appearance of having mascara or subtle eyelash extensions especially when adding the optional Lash Tint.  The lash lift process is simple, we place shields on your eyelids very gently, and apply the lash solution in specific and trained manner.  We have the best lash results as all our lash technicians undergo lash lift training and certification and have hundreds of lash lifts applied.  Serving lash lift quality through the DC Metro, Georgetown and Maryland area.

Lash Lift

Lash Tint

Lash Lift.jpg

Most of our lash lift clients prefer adding some color or darkness to their lashes.  We can apply the lash tint at the same time as the Lash Lift, or separately. Our Lash Tint process will add a similar mascara look and make the lashes stand out more. We can apply brown to black colors and they last 6 weeks or longer.

If you’re looking for premier lash tint and lash lift near me, visit our 14th St. DC or Georgetown Washington DC location and visit our beauty salon today!

Price List for Lash Lift:


Lash Lift 40 min  $95.00

Lash Tint 10 min $30.00

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