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2 Day Microblading Training & Certification Course for $1500


Microblading is in heavy demand and with becoming a Microblading Specialist you could make $500 per client and with just 4-5 clients a week you could make upwards of 80k or more a year!

Our fundamental Microblading Course is designed to transform a brand-new student into a knowledgeable and skilled Microblading Technician.  Students who take this course will graduate with the understanding and confidence in performing Microblading (hair-like strokes) eyebrows.

Our Microblading Instructor, Lucy, has completed hundreds of successful Microblading procedures and will provide you with everything you need to know.

This is a 2 Day Training and Certification Course.  2 models will need to be completed to successfully complete the Certification.  We can provide models if you don’t have any one willing.

Overview of Microblading Course

Sterilization and Sanitation

·  Avoiding cross-contamination

·  Proper cleaning, disinfecting

·  Sterilization requirements

·  Proper disposal of sharps container and bio-hazard waste


·  Client profile-analyze character traits and client selection, discussion of client expectations

·  Photography

Medical History/Client Information Form

Identify Potential Problems for Microblading 

·  Determine when a physician review is advised

·  Obtaining medical clearance

Consent Forms

·  Liability Issues

·  Model Release

Office Set-up

·  General equipment, treatment room, necessary supplies

Health Requirements

·  Discussion of acceptable forms of sterilization vs disposable equipment

·  Disinfectants and antiseptics: proper housecleaning

·  OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding bloodborne pathogens

·  Avoiding cross-contamination

·  Technician Safety – handwashing, Hepatitis B vaccination, gloves, masks

·  Proper handling of devices, needles and pigments

·  Sanitary measures during procedure set up and clean up

Client Preparation

·  Pre- Procedure care

·  Preparing the clients skin: Marking the skin

·  Effective Anesthetic

Color and Pigment Theory

·  Understanding the Color Wheel

·  Discussion of how skin undertones and pigments work together

·  Pigment mixing and storage

Skin Anatomy

·  Discussion of skin layers

·  Healing process of skin and skin care

·  Determining undertones of warm and cool complexions


·  Appropriate needle selection and applications for various effects as hair simulation, shading, soft powdery finishes, etc.

·  Storage and disposal


·  Client follow-up

·  After-care instructions; ointment

Practice Procedures

·  Discuss facial morphology and variations in facial shapes

·  Discuss eyebrow designs; practice

·  Proper eye stretching techniques for safe application

·  Work on practice pads

·  Watch demo prior to student application on live models

·  Students will perform on 2 models (students should provide model however, if you cannot we will provide you models but you must let us know if you need a model).


·  Basic business and marketing guidelines

·  Insurance/liability

·  Client expectations