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4 Reasons to Try a Lash Lift for the First Time in Your Life

A woman receives a lash treatment with a professional technician.

A lash lift is a type of perm for your eyelashes, helping them retain a curled, elongated shape that gives you volume, length and helps your eyes pop. It's a great semi-permanent treatment that lasts several weeks (four to six, or even eight) and takes away a lot of the maintenance and upkeep that alternative treatments like eyelash extensions, which we offer in Washington DC, require.

If you’re worried about getting an eyelash lift, here we’re here to make the decision easier for you:

1. You get instantly thicker, darker lashes

Lash lifts are often paired with tinting, which helps you get thicker, more luscious looking lashes from the very first treatment.Your lashes will instantly look fuller, more voluminous, and fluffier, giving you the perfect look.

2. No need for makeup every day with this treatment

You can skip the mascara and long-drawn out makeup routine and get an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning, too—just make sure you sleep on your back. A lash lift will make your lashes look longer, mimicking the effect of mascara to help your eyes look lovelier and giving you a low-effort look each day.

Closeup of an eye after lash lifts, extensions, and treatments to give them volume.

3. They compliment your natural eye shape

Lash lifts are great because they enhance your natural lashes without being distracting and looking artificial. False lashes and heavy extensions can sometimes look overwhelming, make your eyes more droopy, and weighed down, while lash lifts help open your eyes up. If you wish to accentuate your natural shape, nothing compares to a lash lift.

4. Minimal maintenance and aftercare required

The best part about lash lifts is that they require very little maintenance and aftercare. Except for the initial few days where you should avoid water, some makeup, and intensive skincare products, there's very little you need to do. Every few months, you can go in for a touch-up, or wait till a special occasion rolls around and get a treatment session, and voila! Lashes for days.

If you find that you’re still concerned or have queries, feel free to reach out to our salon and spa in Washington DC. We offer other treatments, including brow lamination, microblading, and more.

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