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4 Reasons Why Your Skin Has Lost Its Glow (and how to revive it)

Skin that has lost its glow sapped of its natural luster or looks 'meh' for any reason can start to look dull and grey. While maintaining radiance isn’t an easy task, the goal is to achieve dewy, luminous skin that never goes out of style!

The wonderful news is that there are a few effortless ways to get back the healthy glow of your skin. All you need to do is break some habits acting as skin saboteurs and unveil a healthy-looking, beaming skin.

Here are four reasons why your skin may not be looking its best and how you can remedy it.

Reason #1: Dehydrated Skin

When our body is dehydrated, it decreases the volume of blood flow that reaches our skin and makes it look sickly or pale. Consistently failing to provide optimal hydration to skin for a long time can cause lasting damage, such as scales, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Solution: Drink up lots of water! Aim to drink six-eight glasses of water if you don’t want your skin to suffer signs of chronic dehydration.

Reason #2: Lack Of Proper Exfoliation

Dryness is a leading cause of dull skin, and while washing our face twice a day is excellent, exfoliating the skin is crucial. It helps remove the skin's dull outer layer of dead cells to make the surface cleaner, clearer, smoother, and allows better skincare product penetration, leading to glowing skin!

Solution: Ensure that you stick to one particular type of exfoliator before incorporating other types into the skincare regimen to avoid skin damage or irritation.

Reason #3: Not Moisturizing It Enough

Environmental stressors and pollution can wreak havoc on your skin and create cracks in your skin's surface, making it look dull and showing signs of aging or damage.

Solution: Adequate amount of moisturizer fills the fissures naturally with added lipids, the natural fats in our skin, leaving behind a reflective, smooth surface.

It also helps repair skin barrier function, improves water retention, makes skin look plump, improves blood circulation, and stimulates new cell growth, making it look healthy and nourished.

Reason #4: Stress

Stress accelerates the sign of aging; whatever is causing you to take heap loads of stress results in cortisol levels rising and your body's fight-or-flight response kicking in, resulting in the skin looking lifeless and sallow.

Solution: Custom-tailored massages at facial spas are a great way to stimulate blood flow, reduce tension build-up, and add radiance to the skin. Regular sessions of Mesotherapy, soft peeling, oxygen infusion, LED light therapy, back facial, acne-defying facial, skin tightening facial, and other facial services by expert estheticians can reverse aging signs, actively promote skin healing, and regenerate healthy skin cells.

If you're ready to restore your skin's glow, connect with expert estheticians at Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique for a free consultation!

Whether your skin type is combination, dry, or oily, our licensed estheticians first perform a complimentary skin analysis and then advise the best-suited approach to restore the youthful glow of your skin.

We also offer other comprehensive services, including brow lamination, microblading services, eyelash extensions, lash lift, waxing, Mani, Pedi, nail services, and more in Washington DC.

Contact us at 13013046633 to book an advanced and tailored pampering session that will leave you glowing!

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