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4 Tips That Will Help You Decide if Brow Lamination is Right for You

Let's accept once and for all that we are a brow-crazy society, and this obsession is not going away any time soon. In fact, it's more likely to intensify as people try out new trends and styles.

Brow lamination became a popular technique a couple of years ago as an additional treatment or alternative to other types of brow services like microblading and brow tinting. But not everyone feels like these bold, feathery brow styles are right for them. Here’s how you can determine is brow lamination is what you should go for:

1. You have thick but unruly brows

Brow lamination is perfect for those with thick, unruly brows. If you feel like you have enough natural growth, but your hair tends to grow all over the place, brow lamination can help set it. The process involves perming your brows to give them a more permanent shape, which works great for those with bushier, thicker brow textures.

2. You can’t get enough volume and definition

While there are tons of brow trends out there, one thing holds true for most: we’re all seeking some type of thickness, depth, and definition. Brow lamination tends to have that effect, almost doubling your natural brows in width, with the way it combs out your natural hairs. You'll see more shape, clearer definition, and greater thickness with this treatment.

3. You prefer a more natural look

Microblading and even makeup looks such as the Instagram brow can be a bit much for some people.If you’re not a fan of the overly defined, filled in brow look, brow lamination is perfect for you because it not only looks more natural, it requires very little additional maintenance and fills in gaps and other spaces in your natural brow.

4. You don’t want a high-maintenance beauty treatment

Sometimes a commitment like microblading is too much for people, and that’s okay. Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup, like a tattoo for your brows, which is what makes it somewhat painful for a lot of people;brow lamination is just a chemical bonding process. It's also virtually painless and requires little to no maintenance, so you never need to worry about it fading or drooping before the estimated time.

Excited to try it out? Head over to our brow and lash boutique for great brow lamination services in Washington, DC.We offer various services to clients in addition to this, including microblading!

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