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Amazing Benefits Of Oxygen Facial For Glowing Skin

Let’s face it—unless you're relying on a miracle, there's no formula for getting glowing skin overnight. It takes commitment, a proper care regimen, and lots of patience!

We know that no matter what brand of makeup you use, nothing can give a look and feel of naturally beautiful skin.

Oxygen facials are touted as the ultimate new beauty trend to achieve a rejuvenated skin. But what exactly is the hype all about? Scroll down to find out all you need to know about oxygen facials and their ultimate benefits.

An Overview Of Oxygen Facial? Yes, Please!

An oxygen facial, touted by many celebrities, including the diva, i.e., Madonna, essentially involves using a machine to jet-spray highly concentrated molecules of pressurized oxygen into the outer layer (epidermis) of your skin.

Since our dermis cells constantly regenerate new cells, the esthetician must begin by exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells.

The oxygen is infused with moisturizers, antioxidants, minerals, botanical extracts, vitamins, and essential nutrients to nourish the skin, promote collagen growth, and achieve plumper, smoother face, and neck skin.

Here are a few benefits that all you beauties out there should not miss at any cost!

Benefits Of Oxygen Facials

#1: Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein responsible for making the skin cells bonded together and providing elasticity, suppleness, and strength to your skin.

When collagen weakens due to aging, skin damage, or another factor, it can cause the appearance of wrinkles.

Oxygen facials boost collagen production, make the skin firm, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and make reviving its youthful texture.

#2: Detoxification

Oxygen facials boost your skin's detoxification process by utilizing the vitamins and other nutrients infused into it during the relaxing facial treatment.

It helps negate the effects of sun exposure, pollution, diet fluctuation and boosts the regeneration of skin cells for radiant-looking skin.

#3: Healing

Constant exposure to pollutants, dust, and harsh sunlight rob your skin of its natural healing abilities, making it extremely sensitive, dry, or lifeless.

Serums used in the oxygen facial treatments enhance the healing process of wrinkles, blemished, and clogged pores that trap dirt or oil that cause acne, zits, or pimples.

It is also beneficial for retaining moisture content, restore the skin's natural PH balance, and treat uneven skin tone that makes your face looks dull.

Your face is the first thing that people notice. If you’re looking for facial spas to up your skincare game, connect with expert estheticians at Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique for a free consultation!

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We strive to protect the environment by being eco-friendly and using the finest, natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients, and package our products with biodegradable glass packaging that can be recycled.

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