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What Is An Esthetician And Why Are They Important?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

What Is An Esthetician And Why Are They Important?

Every woman is nervous about the fate of her skin whenever acne, aging and other skin problems arise. To help you embracing aging with enthusiasm, you need to work along with an esthetician.

Who Is An Esthetician?

Estheticians are trained professionals that help everyone achieve their skin care needs. The esthetician helps treat the underlying skin problems with an approach of addressing lifestyle elements that affect the wellbeing of an individual.

A beautiful, youthful looking skin doesn’t just happen. Investing in expensive skin care products doesn’t help much if important facts like diet, exercise, stress, rest and sleep are not addressed. A professional esthetician addresses these elements to analyze the skin condition of an individual to help find the best skin care routine and products to use at home to enhance the general well-being and beauty.

When Do I Need To See An Esthetician?

Every modern woman knows many things about facials. Waxing and microdermabrasion are not new terminologies to many. One of the biggest messes you can do to yourself is to apply various facials without understanding. The results can be terrible. For instance, you just walk at the beauty shop and pick waxing products, then go home and start using them. If you fail to choose the right products for your skin type and condition, you may end up being frustrated or suffer severe skin complications.

If you are struggling with severe acne, not every product is for you. Visit your local spa & salon and talk to an experienced esthetician who will help analyze the condition of your skin in reference to your lifestyle and advise you on how to go about it.

And if aging is fast catching up with you, don’t let the wrinkles on your face bring your confidence down. All you need is to talk to your esthetician who will help you embrace the beauty of aging with a positive attitude. Indeed, it is a real blessing to age gracefully. And as they say, old is gold. So aging is awesome!

Why You Need An Esthetician?

If you are looking for lasting visible skin remedies, seeing an esthetician is important. The specialists will help you with customized facials that work for your lifestyle. They will recommend the right waxing and microdermabrasion products that are right for your skin condition as well as help with home care routine that is best for your lifestyle.

If you really want to experience a real makeover that will bring your youthful looks back, boost your confidence and self-esteem, you must be willing to pay the prize. You may think that seeing an esthetician is expensive but the reverse is true. You save money that could have been used trying various products to know which ones will work for you. It will also save the money you could have spent treating skin conditions that may occur through use of wrong products.

Do You Want To Look Young For Long?

If you are intentional about your skin care, we can help bring your dreams into reality. How? Visit our salon & spa and meet our highly trained estheticians who are willing to help you age with style and say good bye to those ugly acne. For more information about our expertise on waxing, microdermabrasion and other skin care technologies, visit our website

Lucy, the Owner & Co-Founder of Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique, has been in beauty industry for 16 years & became a Licensed Esthetician in 2013 and a Master Lash Trainer. She has been polishing her skills by attending various advanced trainings for skincare Microdermabrasion, Peels, Dermaplanning and is a Master Lash Trainer, 4x Certified Expert Eyelash Artist for Classic & Volume application & a Certified Microblading Technician. Over hundreds of satisfied clients with MicroShading Ombre brows, Microblading, Shading, Classic and Volume Lash extensions and Facials.

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