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Essential Lash Extension Aftercare

Lash extensions are a great way to cut down on your beauty routine and make you feel glam all the time. Unlike the Kardashian-Jenners who are blessed with thick and luscious lashes, most of us need that extra help to achieve those fluttery lashes.

Lash extensions do require plenty of aftercare to make them last and look their best. Here are some essential aftercare steps to be aware of.

Wash Your Lashes Every Day

You need to wash your lashes daily. It's the one step most clients forget to do. Regularly washing your lashes with the cleanser recommeded by your esthetician ensures all oil buildup is removed from the area, protecting the lash extensions. Regularly washing your lashes also gets rid of debris and bacteria, which could otherwise lead to lash mites.

Avoid Moisture after Having Lash Extensions Installed

Clients need to wait 24 hours before they can introduce any kind of moisture on their lashes. This means you can’t wash your face, shower, or do anything that will make you sweaty too. Getting your fresh set of eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours will lead to shedding because, after all, it takes around 24 hours for the lash glue to completely dry and set.

Use Oil-free Skincare around Your Eyes

Oil-based products will cause your lash extensions to fall out. Make sure you're using oil-free skincare around your eyes to prevent this from happening. You can no longer use oil-based makeup removers around your eyes or emollient-rich eye creams either. If you use lash growth oils, you will have to do away with them till you have lash extensions.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Lashes

We agree this is a tricky one, but sleeping face-forward on your lash extensions will cause them to shift. They won’t look as neatly placed if you sleep on your lash extensions. Also, avoid rubbing or touching your eyes as that can cause the extensions to fall out too.

Avoid Mascara

When you have lash extensions installed, you're not supposed to use mascara. Most mascaras are oil-based, causing your extensions to fall out. Waterproof mascara, on the other hand, is difficult to remove and will cause the extensions to shed. Only use mascara on your bottom lashes, or if you have to, use a water soluble mascara.

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