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Finding the Perfect Nail Shape for Your Hands

From Pinterest mood boards to the ever-changing nail shapes of the Instagram beauty gurus, nail inspo is all around us,

But if you’ve always struggled to find the perfect nail shape every time you go for a mani, we’re here to help you out. So take a good look at your hands and fingers, and read on to figure out what’s the best nail shape for you.


This one’s for all those out there who frequently find themselves lamenting over their short fingers. But why shed any tears when you can simply touch up your nails to make your fingers look longer? The round nail shape makes your fingers look slender by making the nail beds appear thinner. Make sure you follow the natural shape of your finger to perfect the symmetry of the curve.


If you have wide nail beds and long nails, the oval nail shape is the perfect one for you. The shape strategically elongates your nails in both length and width, giving you a blunter almond shape. To achieve this, all you need to do is file each side of the nail to slightly curve it toward the center, creating an almost egg-like shape.


This is similar to the oval nail shape and is specifically used to lengthen and your fingers and make them appear slimmer. The shape is slender from the sides and the base and can be achieved by filing each side of the nail till it narrows from the top, giving you a curved peak.


This one’s for all our low maintenance gals out there who want to look effortlessly gorgeous. If you have long and narrow nail beds, the square nail shape will complement you just right. Achieve this shape by filing in a straight line across the edges. And if you need more length, you can always grow them out or go for acrylics.


Also known as the universal name shape, the squoval nail shape looks good on everyone! It’s equally flattering on both long and short fingers. The part-square and part-oval look is also super easy to maintain. All you have to do is round off the corners with long filing strokes.


Calling all acrylic enthusiasts, it’s your time to shine. Long, slender, and squared off at the tips, the ballerina nail shape is a sight for sore eyes. They’re called ballerina because of the angled cuticles and a tip that resembles a pointed shoe. Although this nail shape will require salon maintenance, we think it’s worth it considering how gorgeous they look!

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