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Foot Care Tips to Extend the Results of Your Pedicure

Spring/summer 2021 is almost here, and you know what that means! It’s time for strappy sandals, flip flops, shorts, and day dresses. But your feet need to look their best at all times to sport the trends we all love during this time of year.

Pedicures are the perfect way to kickstart your foot care regime. After many months of cold and dry weather, your feet probably aren’t in the best state. You can then extend the results of your pedicure with a few extra steps.

Top up the top coat

The nail polish on your toenails is bound to chip, especially if you wear closed-toe shoes, soak your feet in water, or walk around barefoot. To extend the wear of the nail polish applied by the spa or salon, apply a second layer of top coat. It provides an extra layer’s protection before your nail polish can chip away and look untidy.

Give your toenails plenty of time to dry

Regular nail polish requires plenty of time to dry properly. Just waiting five minutes after all the coats of nail polish are applied isn’t sufficient. It’s bound to result in bumps and smudges. Always wear open-toe shoes when you’re going for a pedicure. Flip flops are the best option to prevent any smudges and scratches on your freshly done toenails. Give your nails an hour or so before you can wear closed-toe shoes, wear or take off tight jeans or leggings, etc.

Moisturize your feet regularly

Who doesn’t love the feeling of freshly pedicured feet? They look great and feel even better! Extend the results of your pedicure by keeping your feet moisturized at all times. Use a moisturizing and hydrating lotion on your feet after a shower or any time you get your feet wet. Invest in a moisturizer that’s free of artificial fragrances and alcohol since that can dry out your skin. Lather up your legs in moisturizer before bed. Your feet will be even more silky and soft if you wear socks to bed.

Keep the cuticles moisturized

Pay special attention to the cuticles too. They dry out quickly and can affect the way your feet look. Apply cuticle oil or petroleum jelly to keep them soft at all times.

Get rid of dead skin

There’s nothing you can do to prevent dead skin from appearing on your feet. Regularly get rid of dead skin and dryness with a foot scrub. You can buy one or make a sugar scrub with brown sugar, honey, and essential oils. Massage this mixture gently on your feet in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and make your feet smooth and silky. Use a pumice stone on your heels to get rid of dry skin, cracked heels, and flaking. It’s best to do this towards the end of your shower when your skin has softened.

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