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How Long Do Microblading Brows Take to Heal?

Brow pencils, pens, and pomades have enjoyed an autonomous status in the vanities of people with sparse brows or uneven arches. However, microblading or cosmetic tattooing can give these methods a run for their money. Microblading is a type of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo to enhance eyebrow appearance. Since the process uses a manual blade and incisions to fill the brows with a pigment, it requires time to heal. Here, we’ll discuss the recovery duration after microblading and what you can expect during different stages of healing.

1. Darkening Stage

On the treatment day, your eyebrows will appear gorgeous enough to make you admire yourself in the mirror. However, the very next day, you’ll notice they’ve become too dark – this is the darkening stage that usually lasts for up to five days. It is a temporary stage, and the eyebrow color fades by 30% to 50% by the end of the recovery period.

2. Scabbing Stage

Get ready for the can't-look-at-myself-in-the-mirror stage. The scabbing stage makes the eyebrows look distasteful and icky to touch. This stage usually starts within the first week of the recovery period and lasts up to seven days.

During this stage, you’ll notice your eyebrows start flaking and scabbing, taking some pigments. The intensity of flaking differs for each individual, depending on their skin type and other factors. However, you must not touch the site and let the flakes fall off on their own, or they may leave scars.

3. Lightening Stage

Your eyebrows may appear too light after the flaking recedes and scabs fall off. Depending on your skin and hair color, you may even feel as if microblading pigments have entirely disappeared. However, this isn’t the case. Some pigment is lost during the scabbing stage, but it reappears after a few days when the color sets in. This stage starts about ten days after the procedure and usually lasts for five days. So, stick to your aftercare routine until the recovery period completes.

4. Pigmentation Stage

In this stage, the pigment starts reappearing, and the eyebrows start taking their final shape. This stage begins about 15 days after the procedure, and results continue improving for a few days.

5. Touch Up Time

On average, microblading can take up to six weeks to heal completely. Although the surface may recover within 2-3 weeks, it can take up to six weeks for the pigment to set and hair strokes to become prominent. Therefore, most microblading artists schedule a follow-up session after six weeks when the eyebrows have healed to the core. Some artists may even set you up for a touch-up session after eight weeks to avoid any mishaps.

The Bottom Line

Microblading is a popular procedure for eyebrow enhancement. Although it is a non-surgical procedure, it requires healing after blading. You can expect to have fully healed eyebrows within six weeks of treatment. Some people may heal quicker than others, depending on their skin type and the skill of an experienced microblading and PMU tech.

You can reach an experienced microblading tech by booking a no obligation Free consultation or full service at Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique by calling us at 301 969-5659.

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