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Lash Extensions or Lash Lifts, which is best for me?

Over the past 5 years, the hottest craze has been lash extensions, and for good reason, they add a certain effect, a certain appeal and zest to anyone’s look. Eyes are accentuated and an instant noticeable effect that leads to compliments from those who can’t help but notice. Unlike lash strips, lash extensions are placed on individually one at a time and can last a few weeks to a month with proper maintenance. No worries about having to use lash strips on a daily basis, and you can wakeup everyday looking fabulous. After 48 hours, you can get them wet, go swimming, go to the beach, etc, without fear of losing them. The lash extension look can also be tailored to fit your eyeshape with various lash sizes and lengths. Famous styles are often requested such as Cat Eye, Doll Eye, Whispy, Kim K and many more trendy styles. Both women and men use lash extensions to enhance their look. For men that don’t want anything over the top, shorter and more sparse lashes are applied to make the look as natural as possible. Even for women that want the most natural look as possible, the Classic Full set with shorter to mid length lashes are a great choice. Hybrid lash full set seems to be the most popular with some added fullness for most clients.

Lash extensions are carefully placed, individually with a specialized lash adhesive on each individual lash to create a classic full set. For the hybrid lash full set, some added volume fans are added for more fullness. The volume fans consist of 2 or more individual lashes that are combined using the same lash adhesive and then placed on a singe lash strand. Since an individual lash strand would hold multiple lashes when adding volume, these lashes tend to be lighter in weight in order for the natural lashes to support and provide stability. Lash extensions are safe for the natural lashes and as long as the natural lashes can support it, then one can wear it year-round.

Lash extensions can be great for special occasions or to wear them consistently. To keep up with lash extensions require re-fills to add any missing lashes. Normally every 2-3 weeks clients come in for refills and sometime up to 4 weeks. Since the average person can lose anywhere from 2-3 natural lashes or more every day just due to the natural lash cycle, the lash extension that was attached to it will go with it. A person could have anywhere between 80-120 lashes per eye, give or take, so after a few weeks expect anywhere between 50-75% off lashes to still remain.

How about Lash Lifts then? I thought you would never ask. Over the past couple of years lash lifts have been adding to the beauty trend. Lash lifts are a great alternative for those not looking for lash extensions and require a bit less maintenance. Even though lash lifts can make your eyes pop and look great, the effect is not as potentially jaw dropping as lash extensions. Lash lift can create and appearance or length, but only an illusion of it. If your lashes are straight or sag downward, then a lash lift can give it that perk and lift that it noticeable. Those with extremely short lashes won’t be a candidate for lash lifts. Reasons is that lash lifts need to be placed on a rod with lash adhesive and then a lifting solution needs to be added. Lashes need to be at least medium length to be applied correctly on these rods. Lash lifts are a bit faster to complete than extensions, 45 min compared to 1.5 to 2 hours. Also a lash tint can be added to create a nice dark lash look. Lash tints are perfect for those with brown or lighter lashes. Lash lifts can lash anywhere between 4-6 weeks, and to get another lash lift you would have to wait 6-8 weeks, preferably 8 weeks for the next lift.

Any one you choose, lash extensions or lash lift, will transformed your look, just a matter of preference for most people. For those who haven’t tried either of these, it’s worth trying at least once to see how you like it. You may be surprised how great you look with it.


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