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Microblading Aftercare Tips

Most of us have fallen victim to the over-plucked brows of the 90s and early 2000s. Back then razor-sharp eyebrows were the trend, and we had no qualms about going through the pain of plucking out our brows. As a result, many women still have very fine brows today. With the trends shifting towards fuller brows, having fine brows can make you feel self-conscious because, after all, our brows frame our face.

Microblading is a godsend for everyone who isn’t gifted with naturally luscious brows. With microblading, you can achieve natural-looking brows, saving plenty of time when getting ready. You also feel more confident with a bare face when your brows are microbladed.

Here are some essential microblading aftercare tips to know about.

Keep the area dry

Keep the area dry for 10 days, as recommended by your esthetician. This means no swimming, visiting the sauna, or even exercising or doing any activity that will cause you to sweat. Keep the area dry at all times, using an absorbent material. Only dab the area, never rub, as that can cause the pigment to move.

Don’t pick at your scabs

Similar to tattoos, your skin will begin to develop scabs right after microblading. Let the scabs fall off on their own. Make sure you don’t pick at it, as this increases the chances of removing pigment and developing an infection too.

Avoid makeup for 10 days

It’s best to avoid makeup during this time as well. While you can’t apply any products to your brows, avoid wearing makeup on the rest of your face too. Once makeup is applied, you will need to take it off with a cleanser and water, risking the results of your microblading. Go makeup-free for 10 days to preserve the look of your brows.

Limit sun exposure

Since you have to avoid applying SPF directly on the microbladed area for up to a week, it’s best to avoid sun exposure during this time. Once the seven days are up, you can apply SPF to your brows, but it’s best to stay out of the sun to keep your brows looking fresh. Wear a hat when stepping outside.

Don’t miss out on a touch up every year

While microblading is a form of permanent makeup, it does require touch-ups every year or so when the color begins to fade. Certain areas of the brow might fade more than others, requiring a touch-up. Make sure you don’t delay these touch-up appointments, so your brows look great at all times.

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