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Nail Trends You’re Bound to See Becoming Popular this Year

Nothing beats a great manicure. There are tons of trends that pop up year after year, making it impossible to pick favorites, but some catch our eye more than others.

Your nails are one of your most noticeable features, and they’re great to play around with. You can bet on seeing a lot of these trends crop up over the next few months, flooding your social media feeds and pages:

Solid mute tones, pastels, and neutrals

This is a trend that's been around for a while and doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Whether you choose acrylics, gel manicures, or natural nails, pastels and neutral tones are going to be a popular choice this year too. With how classic they look and how well they go with pretty much any look or occasion, it's a guaranteed win.

Multicolored nails

Another hot trend is a multicolored manicure, where you can mix up different colors. You can pick out a different color for each nail, alternate, or go in any random order! The options are endless with this, which is why it's so much fun and continues to stick around since 2019.

Graphic nails and accent nail art

Graphic nails are always a great option for those who love playing with patterns, shapes, designs, and colors. You can combine neutral tones with brighter hues, as well as other looks and styles to create a manicure that works best for you. With all this, the accent nail trend remains ever-popular, allowing you to stick to a safe-enough yet fun look. Typically done on the pinky or ring finger, nail art can help the rest of your single-colored manicure pop.

Studs, rhinestones, pearls

Speaking of pop, another trend we'll see more of is nail embellishment. From rhinestones and studs to pearls and much more, you can expect to see more of this all-around in 2021. You can do the classic single stone look, or go all out with the glitz and glam for special occasions—or just 'cause!

No matter what trend you’re crazy about, we’ve got something to offer you. Head to our salon in Washington, DC, for nail services, and get the ultimate mani-pedi of your life! Book an appointment here or reach out to us today.

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