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Sisters, Not Twins—Why Your Brows Should Be Symmetrical Not Identical

Imagine putting on a flawless base for your makeup, nailing the wing on your eyeliner, perfecting your red lipstick pout, only to have it all go down the drain because you messed up your eyebrows.

We’ve all been there.

Eyebrows can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and more often than not, it’s the latter—this is especially true for those who have uneven brows and never have enough time on their hands to make them symmetrical.

But what if we told you your eyebrows don’t have to be symmetrical? In fact, it’s pretty impractical to expect your eyebrows to be symmetrical.

Nope, we’re not just saying these blasphemous things to make you angry. We’re going to prove it with cold hard, scientific facts. Ladies and gentlemen, your brows aren’t twins;they’re sisters. Let’s see why.

It’s Natural to Have Non-Symmetrical, Identical Eyebrows

Much like the rest of our face, our eyebrows are expressive. That means that they also change, grow, and evolve as we do. Brow experts say that eyebrows have different movements, which means that they can grow differently.

For instance, if you’re someone who raises their left eyebrow more than their right, it’s only natural to assume that your left eyebrow will grow differently than your right and take a different shape.

Another instance would be how you sleep. If you sleep on one side of your face, you put more pressure on that side, affecting the area’s muscle and brow movement.

Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Brows to Look Symmetrical

Beauty isn’t uniform or perfect. The whole point of getting your brows done should be to improve and accentuate them, instead of turning them into something they’re not.

This is one of the reasons why even the most talented makeup artists on the planet can’t give you perfectly symmetrical brows—and why should they even try? Your eyebrows are perfect just the way they are.

The only way you could get symmetrical brows would be if you had a perfectly symmetrical face, and that, too, is a myth. Since there’s no perfectly symmetrical face, there can’t be perfectly symmetrical brows either.

Let’s not forget that harmony is more important than uniformity when it comes to brows. If you try to use eyebrow products to give yourself symmetrical brows, it may not sit well with your facial features, giving your brows a fake look.

Remember, it makes total sense for your eyebrows to grow differently. They don’t have to be twins, just identical; they’re sisters, not twins.

But if you have days where it’s hard to get your brows to even look like they’re related, we can help you out!

Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique offers premium brow tinting, brow lamination, microblading, and eyebrow waxing services in Hyattsville and Washington DC, so you can achieve your stunning brow look.

We also specialize in eyelash extensions, lash lifts, facial services, and nail services in Washington DC. Give us a call to book an appointment right away, and take your brow game to the next level!

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