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The Advantages of Waxing Over Shaving

Whether you do it as a personal preference, to feel more confident in your thigh-high skirt, or because, unfortunately, social conditioning has taught us that we need to be smooth and hairless at all times, everyone has a go-to method for body hair removal.

Waxing, shaving, hair removal creams and sprays, laser hair removal, sugaring—you name it. These are some of the most popular permanent and temporary hair removal methods on the market, and hundreds of thousands of people continue to subject themselves to these elaborate beauty rituals to feel beautiful. But waxing remains one of the oldest, most popular ones, and we’d like to argue that it’s way better than shaving too!

Here are some reasons why:

Results from waxing last way longer

Waxing pulls hair out from the roots, which results in greater smoothness for longer periods of time. You can expect your skin to stay hairless for 3–4 weeks at the very least, and sometimes for even longer, depending on your hair growth.

It doubles as a deep exfoliation

Not only is there a way to prepare your skin for a better waxing session through exfoliation, but waxing itself doubles as an exfoliant. By stripping away dead skin cells along with the hair, it reveals a layer of smoother, brighter, clearer skin. Shaving can leave stubble or have your legs feeling bumpy, but waxing results in a smooth finish overall.

Say goodbye to ingrown hair forever (sort of)

Speaking of stubble, using a razor can often result in painful, inflamed hair follicles and ingrown hairs that are difficult to remove. Since waxing removes the hair from the roots, there are fewer chances of this happening, although not entirely impossible. Waxing leaves very little room for ingrown hairs to be left behind, and you can benefit immensely from switching over to wax at least once in a while.

You’ll have steadily thinner hair growth

Regular waxing leads to thinner, lighter hair growth. Over time, regular waxing will steadily reduce the amount of hair that grows on your body because it pulls it out from the source. Shaving, on the other hand, tends to stimulate growth because of the cutting process, so you can expect to see reduced growth with frequent, timely wax sessions.

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PS: allow a minimum of 7 days of hair growth before your appointment for the best results.

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