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Tips to Make Your Lash Lift Last Longer and Look Better

Lash lifts are a convenient way for people to get longer-looking, curled lashes that look beautiful. Typically, a lash lift will last four to six weeks, after which you'll need to come to our Washington, DC salon for a touch-up.

Proper aftercare is one of the most important steps to a long-lasting, great looking lash lift because, without it, you run the risk of ruining the effect and reversing the service. Here's what you should and shouldn't do after a lash lift:

Skip the water and makeup for 24 hours

The first 24 hours are when the bond sets and hardens, and you want minimal interference at this time. It’s best to skip washing your face with water and getting your lashes wet, as well as using eye makeup, harsh cleansers, and products. All of these things weaken the bond and cause your lashes to droop sooner than necessary.

Don’t pair other beauty treatments with your lift

Again, it's important to avoid facials, brow treatments, and other facial beauty treatments on the day of your lift because the chemicals may react with the bond. Give it a few days till the bond is secure, and then you can slather on your favorite mask, exfoliant, or facial treatment.

Use only gentle and mild skincare products

As a general rule of thumb, following your lash lift, stick to gentler skincare products that won't irritate your eyes, skin or interact with the bond. Space out intense skincare products in your routine, using those for sensitive skin instead for a while.

Invest in a quality lash serum or conditioner

Any chemical treatment can have a drying effect on your lashes, so it's crucial to help your hair follicles recover. Using lash conditioners and serums can make them softer, more supple, and healthier, making your lift also last longer. It’s important to care for your lashes in general, too, because healthy lashes are beautiful lashes!

Avoid waterproof mascara with your lash lift

Hold onto this tip for any eyelash lift, tint, the extension you get: stick to regular mascara and lay off waterproof products that are impossible to remove. Many of us can't live without our mascara, which is why it's important for you to stick to gentle products, especially for daily use.

Lash lifts are incredible, and results are immediate and long-lasting, even on their own. If you're considering getting them for longer, sexier lashes, get in touch with our spa, brow, and lash boutique for more details.

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