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What is Lash Lift and Tint?

We all know just how big of a chore eyebrow curling can be. Luckily, the lash lift and tint treatment can give our eyelashes a gorgeous curl. This eliminates the need to stand in front of the mirror for hours, trying to apply or reapply make-up. Trust us, you’ll wake up every day feeling like a natural runway beauty.

A lash lift and tint is, in fact, two separate processes. They are done in succession to provide a stunning look for your eyelashes. The lash lifting method closely resembles the process of eyelash curling. Here, your lashes are bent upwards, allowing them to be perceived longer. This also makes your eyes look wider and brighter

On the other hand, a lash tint darkens your eyelashes. The process here closely resembles the application of multiple coats of mascara without the crusty appearance or feel on your eyes. Through a lash tint, you can give your eyes a sharper, darker, and fuller look. Selfie-ready eyes all day, every day? Count us in!

Why Consider Lash Lift and Tints Over Lash Extensions?

A lash lift and tint treatment is the clear winner when stacked up against eyelash extensions. At six to eight weeks, this curling and tinting technique can last you a lot longer than falsies. Also, since they cost you a lot less, your yearly splurges at the boutique will drop down.

Additionally, the lash lift and tint treatment is a lot quicker than getting extensions. Furthermore, the final look they provide is a lot more natural than the bold look offered by falsies.

How Does a Lash Lift and Tint Work?

As we previously mentioned, a lash lift and tint won't be very time-consuming. Once you've decided on a look and color, your lab tech will place silicone pads on your eyelids. Don't worry your lids will be closed for this.

Your eyelashes will then be lifted, and two serums will be applied to them in succession. The first serum will dissolve the proteins in your lashes so they can easily take shape as per the shield. The second serum, on the other hand, will restore the keratin and proteins in your lashes so they can hold their shape and soften.

Finally, a tint in the color of your choice will be applied to the lashes, followed by a final wipe with pure keratin for a protective layer. The entire process won't take more than an hour. While it may get a little uncomfortable sometimes, and you may tear up a bit, the tears won't affect the process in any way. This is something we can't say about lash extensions!

After the Process: How to Take Care of Lash Lifts?

It is necessary to avoid steam, eye make-up, or even make-up remover during the first 24 hours of the lift. If you have ever done a perming treatment, you would know that moisture or humidity will ruin all your hard work. After the first 24 hours, you're all set to do whatever you want with those incredible eyes. To ensure a seamless, painless, and effective lash lift and tint, make sure you opt for a quality lash salon who has equally great equipment at their disposal. If you'd like something like that, consider booking an appointment with one of our master aestheticians at Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique now!

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