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Why Do Microblading?

Microblading Brows - Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of spending precious time every day drawing on your eyebrows? Do you want to wake up with perfectly shaped and filled-in brows every morning? Look no further than microblading, the revolutionary semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique that has taken the beauty world by storm.

From its long-lasting results to its customizable options, microblading offers many advantages that traditional eyebrow makeup just can't match. Keep reading to discover the top reasons why microblading could be the beauty hack you've been waiting for.

Long-Lasting Results

One of the biggest benefits of microblading is its long-lasting results. Unlike traditional eyebrow makeup that needs to be reapplied daily, microblading can last up to 18 months with proper care. This means you can enjoy perfectly shaped and filled-in brows every day without the hassle of daily makeup application.

Customizable Options

Microblading is a highly customizable procedure that can be tailored to your individual preferences. Your microblading technician will work with you to create a shape and color that complements your natural features and enhances your overall look. Whether you prefer a bold and dramatic brow or a more natural-looking arch, microblading can be customized to your specific needs.

Minimal Pain and Downtime

Contrary to popular belief, microblading is a relatively painless procedure. Your technician will apply a topical numbing cream to the area beforehand, ensuring you feel minimal discomfort during the process. Additionally, there is little to no downtime associated with microblading, meaning you can resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Saves Time and Money

Microblading is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for those who are tired of spending time and money on daily eyebrow makeup. With microblading, you'll no longer need to buy and apply eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels, saving you money in the long run.

Boosts Confidence

Perfectly shaped and filled-in brows can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Microblading can help boost your confidence by giving you the brows you've always wanted. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural features or restore thinning eyebrows, microblading can help you feel your best.

Safe and Non-Invasive

When it comes to enhancing your appearance, it's important to consider the safety of the procedure. Microblading is a safe and non-invasive option that doesn't involve any major incisions or injections. It uses a specialized hand tool to create hair-like strokes on the skin's surface, giving the appearance of natural, fuller eyebrows. With proper aftercare, you can ensure a quick and easy healing process with minimal discomfort. Additionally, microblading is a safe option for those with allergies or sensitivities to traditional makeup products. The pigments used in microblading are specially formulated to be hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.


If you're interested in trying microblading, Laveda Boutique offers professional and high-quality microblading services. Our experienced technicians use the latest techniques and tools to ensure the best possible results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and achieve the eyebrows of your dreams!

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