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Why Does My Lash Extension Hurt?

No matter how much of a pro you've become at getting your lash extensions done. And no matter how well you know all the ins and outs of the type, style and size of the curls you get, getting your eyelashes extended can sometimes go awry.

These mishaps can be because of a variety of reasons. From technician errors to low-quality products, let's break down these causes and try to decipher why your eyelash extensions are hurting you and what you can do to alleviate this pain and irritation.

1. Technician Error

In most cases, your lash tech's poor craftsmanship will be the reason behind your ailing lash extensions. The most common technician mishap is the accidental application of glue to your eyelids instead of the natural lashes. This is bad because it will not only irritate your skin but also potentially pull out your natural lashes. Excessive gluing will also yield the same results.

Speaking of irritation, attaching the lash tape beyond the waterline will seriously wind up your eyes. You may even face discomfort when blinking if the lab technician does a botched job. This is when your technician accidentally sticks a single lash extension to multiple natural eyelashes.

All these mishaps are pretty common among under-skilled lash techs due to the complexity of the task. This is why inexperienced technicians should be a big no.

At Laveda Lash & Brow we only have seasoned lash experts with prerequisite licensing and certifications with more than 2-3 years’ lash experience, most of them with more than 4 years' experience that service our clients, so we can minimize this occurrence from happening.

2. Salon Boutique Error

No amount of craftsmanship can guarantee a perfect lash extension if the boutique you're visiting is stocking low-quality products. From substandard primers and cleansers to low-grade glue, extensions, and tape, there's a whole host of chemicals involved here. The slightest bit of inferiority can mean serious repercussions for your eyes.

So, make sure the lash salon boutique you're visiting is stocking only the most premium products and properly maintaining them. Also, while you're at it, ensure none of the products being applied to your skin contain any potential allergens. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. At Laveda Lash & Brow, we carry adhesive geared to more sensitive eyes free of formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals.

3. Personal Error

Sometimes lash extensions may be hurting because you were unable to keep your eyes lids completely closed during the process, thereby allowing some adhesive fumes to seep in. We get it, it's hard- what with all the lights blinding your little eyeballs.

It is also entirely possible that you started to tear up while the extension was being applied. Once again, a few tears during this process are totally okay. We've got irritation to thank for that. However, the problem is your tears can polymerize the lash adhesive and exacerbate the irritation. At Laveda Lash we try out best to mitigate this by readjusting the lash tape, chatting a bit to get you more relaxed, or sometimes just allowing you to get some much-needed zzzzzzzz’s while you nap on our comfy beds and using cotton swabs to quickly dry up any extra moisture from the eyes.

Wrapping It All Up

If you believe your lash extensions are hurting because of any of these reasons, consider reaching out to your lash salon boutique. In the subsequent checkup, the cause will be investigated. Some of the typical immediate solutions could be to take over the counter Benadryl which can potentially subside an allergic reaction, or in some certain cases it may be best to remove some of the applied lashes or all of the applied lashes. This removal should not be done by yourself and should be removed by a professional lash studio so that your natural lashes don't get damaged. Sometimes, however in rare cases, eye irritation and redness might worsen. In such a case you'll be directed to an eye doctor.

The best way forward is to get ahead of things and consider the services of a premium salon like the Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique. We pride ourselves on housing only the most experienced estheticians and lash experts who only use the safest and finest products.

Schedule your appointment with a lash expert and book your appointment now!

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