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Why Facials Are Essential to Youthful, Healthy Skin in the Long-Run

Despite the stress of the pandemic and the pressures of working from home, there’s one thing that the pandemic and quarantine gave us—lots and lots of time at home. While some people picked up new hobbies or started DIY home improvement projects, most of us got into skincare.

Ever since the pandemic began, more and more people have become conscious of what they put on their skin. Skincare has now become almost synonymous with self-care.

If you’re in a newfound relationship with skincare or want to get there, we’ve got a good place for you to start—with facials!

Just the idea of a hydrating mask that’s rejuvenating your skin from within is enough to get us all excited, so why not get to it then? Here’s a rundown of all the ways facials can transform your skincare and give you healthy and glowing skin in the long run.

Refreshed and Relaxed Skin

Imagine sitting down on a comfy, reclined chair as a professional applies a rich and nourishing mask on your face, gently massaging it into your skin. Doesn’t it sound relaxing?

A facial almost always incorporates a facial massage, which alone can do wonders for tired and wrinkled skin. A trained expert knows just how to massage your face and switch up techniques for different areas of your face to give you a healthy and youthful appearance. From encouraging lymphatic drainage to promoting circulation in your face, a facial is your key to an every-lasting youthful glow.

Skin Cell Renewal

An exfoliating facial remove dead skin cells that give you a dull and uneven complexion. This part of the facial gets rid of any dirt and grime that’s stuck in your pores and promotes cell turnover.

By encouraging the growth of new and healthy cells, a facial minimizes the appearance of scars, blemishes, and even wrinkles and fine lines. Whether you have hyperpigmentation or textured skin, a facial helps your face get pampered by a trained professional, so you can do away with all these skin issues.

Noticeable and Instant Results

Unlike your typical skincare products, facials almost always give you instant and visible results. Of course, there’s no way you’ll get rid of all your acne scars in just one session, but you’ll definitely be able to see a great improvement in the overall appearance and feel of your skin.

Your skin will feel soft, moisturized, supple, and rejuvenated from within. And if you’re regular and consistent with your facials, your skin will get restored over time, leaving you with a youthful glow.

There’s no denying that facials can do wonders for our skin, but it also depends on who performs the facial and what products and technology they use. If not done right, facials can do you more harm than good by causing your skin to sag and feel irritated.

So don’t just trust anyone with your beautiful skin; it’s the only one you have.

If you’re looking for trained experts who can freshen up your skin with facials, head down to the Laveda Lash & Brow Boutique!

We specialize in offering premium facial services in Hyattsville and Washington DC. We offer deep cleansing and hydrating facials, acne facials, skin tightening facials, and hydrodermabrasion and oxygen infusion facial using high-quality products and the latest technology.

Some of our other salon services include lash extension and lash lift services, lash tinting, brow lamination, and microblading services in Hyattsville and Washington DC.

Give us a call to book an appointment to get beautiful, supple, and glowing skin today!

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